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1.) Why to Tint?

● Reduce Glare
○ Glare is a dangerous road hazard, the only remedy to this is by tinting your windows. The Virginia sun can be a a lovely view in Hampton Roads, during the Summer months, however it can cause relentless glare for drivers on the roads.  Even at the lowest shade film, visibility and comfort is improved.
● Keep Cool
○ With legal tint as low as 5%, blocking out the sun’s heat makes for an easier drive, not only on your eyes, but also your wallet. Tinting your windows lowers the temperature of the cabin of the vehicle, decreasing your usage of AC and saving gas.
● Safety
○ Window film is designed to keep glass from shattering if an object hits it, in the event of an accident tint is passengers are protected from flying glass and being ejected through windows. ○ Research shows that 53% of skin cancer is developed on the left side of the body, the driver side of the car.
● Luxury Look
○ Adding window tint to your vehicle enhances the overall appearance and feel. With so many various films available, we give you the ability to customize your windows that most suites your vehicle.

#2.) Why TintMax?
● State of the art technology
○ TintMax only uses the most advanced plotting system and recent/updated automotive software, this decreases the chances of scratches, airbubbles, or any imperfections on your vehicles tint.
● Unbeatable Customer Service
○ Our staff is trained to a gold standard, both for tint installation and Customer care. Vehicles are treated as if they are our own, from when we recieve them to when the keys are handed back.
● Quality and Value Garuntee
○ Not only do we take pride in our proffesionalism, also our competetively average pricing. While other companys may be more established in the Hampton Roads area, we are ambitious and eager to give Virginia Beach, Chesepeake, and Norfolk the highest quality service for a competitive price, using only the highest quality material.

Remember the cliche; “You get what you pay for” well it’s true! TintMax is all about class and value; never the cheapest or most expensive. Our prices are very competitive, in fact we encourage you to weigh your options, this is a long term investment, so make sure you go with a company that will do it right. When it comes to our level of customer service, quality of installation, we strive to be the best Window Tinting Company in the Hampton Roads area.