What's the difference between my windshield and the other glass in my car?

Auto glass is designed and manufactured for optimum safety in the event of a crash. Your windshield is made of laminated safety glass. Laminated safety glass is two pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl sandwiched between, so it will stay intact in a collision.

The side and rear windows are usually made of tempered glass, which has been treated to make it much stronger than other glass of the same thickness. If it breaks, it is designed to shatter into small pieces. For some newer vehicles, car manufacturers sometimes use laminated glass for side windows to improve sound insulation and/or strength.

What type of auto glass do you use?

We use only high quality auto glass parts that meet or exceed all federal safety standards. Most of our parts come from original equipment manufacturers including LOF, PPG, Carlite, Guardian, and Mopar. If you would like a specific brand of glass, we would be happy to accommodate any requests.


Can my windshield be repaired or do I have to replace it?

Most "dings" or "chips" can be repaired if the damage is not in the driver's line of vision and is smaller than the size of a silver dollar, including any cracks. Repairing can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of a replacement. If the break is larger or in the driver's line of vision, we recommends replacement — and so do most insurance companies.
Following your replacement glass installation:

•        Leave a window open slightly for 48 hours to reduce pressure on the windshield.
•        Don’t drive your vehicle for at least one hour. If possible, you should not drive your vehicle for six hours.
•        Don’t roll down a replaced window for at least 48 hours.
•        Don’t use a sunshade in a replaced windshield for at least 24 hours.
•        Don’t use a high-pressure car wash for at least 48 hours.

What is the difference between OEM and NAGS glass?

We install OEM-equivalent auto glass. This means that it is essentially the same piece of glass that is installed at the time your vehicle is made, with the only difference being the windshield manufacturer.
Our glass meets or exceeds all federal, industry and safety standards, and we engage in some of the most rigorous product testing in the industry.


How long does an auto glass replacement take?

In most cases; a windshield, door glass, back glass, quarter glass, or vent glass can be completed within an hour. In some cases, it can take more time depending on the vehicle type and past installation methods.


Can you reuse the inspection sticker on my old windshield?

Often we CAN reuse your car's safety inspection sticker when we replace the windshield. Once the old windshield is removed from the car, we will strip off the sticker and re-apply it to the new windshield, if we can. This may not be possible if the glass behind the sticker has heavy impact damage and the sticker cannot be removed.


Can you bill my insurance company?

Yes we can! We are participating members of all of the major insurance company glass claims programs. We can call your insurance company for you and help walk you through the process of setting up your insurance glass claim.





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